McConchie Statement on “Sanctuary State” Bill

State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) releases the following statement addressing concerns regarding Senate Bill 31, the “sanctuary state” bill:

"A last minute amendment to the bill attempted to address the concerns of law enforcement groups, whose primary concern is public safety, but fell short.

"I agree with law enforcement that public safety is of utmost importance. We want everyone to come forward and assist when they are a witness to a violent crime or call the fire department when their apartment building is on fire.

“Law enforcement stated that the last minute changes to the bill gave them the flexibility to assist in federal immigration issues whenever it did not affect public safety. However, the final list of locations where law enforcement cannot go goes beyond the public safety charge. I encourage the Governor to use his amendatory veto authority and change the bill to better reflect the concerns that law enforcement groups have outlined.”

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