McConchie comments on ISBE numbers for flawed school funding plan

State Sen. Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) released the following statement on a proposed school funding formula that advances devastating cuts for suburban schools:

“The data released today by the Illinois State Board of Education reflects what suburban schools have feared. Senator Andy Manar’s current plan bails out Chicago Public Schools at the expense of collar county schools, which would lose more than $121 million. This would be a devastating blow to suburban school districts.

”It is possible that the legislation will be tweaked. However, a proposed amendment to the measure would merely soften the blow for suburban districts. We all agree the current school funding formula is broken and needs to be fixed; however, SB 231 is not the answer to the problem. In the meantime, we can offer school districts certainty through full funding of General State Aid. Gov. Rauner and legislative Republicans have a proposal to do this on the table that is fully funded with existing state revenues. Most importantly, no schools should be held hostage while a new formula is debated. It’s imperative schools are able to open on time in the fall.”

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