Dear Friends,

Welcome! It is a distinct pleasure to serve you in the State Senate.

As you well know, Illinois is facing many significant challenges. However, I believe that with proper leadership and a willingness to make tough decisions, we can rebuild this state. It is possible for Illinois to reclaim its position as a national leader—a state where families want to lay down roots and employers want to do business.

In order to achieve this, however, change is imperative. Most importantly, the state must live within its means and embrace policies to stimulate economic growth. The state’s leaders must reduce spending, cut onerous taxes and eliminate burdensome regulations. We must also take a strong stance against the systemic corruption that has plagued state government for far too long.

I vow to represent your views to Springfield every single day and work to bring common sense back to your state government. Contact me anytime here.

Faithfully yours,

Senator Dan McConchie
26th District of Illinois