Illinois Chamber Presents Outstanding Freshman Award to Sen. McConchie

On November 3, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce gave the Outstanding Freshman Award to state Senator Dan McConchie. The award is given biannually to state legislators who recognize the importance of free enterprise and who agree with pro-business legislative policies to further economic opportunities for Illinois businesses and their employees. 

“With Illinois’ lackluster economic performance, there has never been a more crucial moment for our state to embrace pro-business legislators who represent the business community and support the fundamental principles of the free market system,” said Todd Maisch, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. 

The Chamber awards one freshman lawmaker from each house who has demonstrated a 100% voting record as the Outstanding Freshman Lawmaker.  

 The ratings are based on legislators’ votes on the key business legislation of the 99th General Assembly. The votes in the Senate and House are selected based on their impact on the business community. In cases where more than one roll call was taken on a bill, the vote that best demonstrates support for employers’ vital interests was chosen. 

Click here to download a copy of the Chamber’s 2015-2016 voting records. 

Dan McConchie

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