McConchie legislation would help taxpayers know when local governments cut their property tax bill

State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) has sponsored practical transparency legislation that would clearly outline for taxpayers when they receive a property tax break from their units of local government.

Senate Bill 1072 requires local property tax bills to clearly indicate when a local taxing body chooses not collect the full amount of property taxes for that year and allows taxpayers to keep a portion of the money. 

“This bill provides much-warranted transparency to taxpayers on their property tax bill and allows them to see when a school district or another taxing entity reduces their taxes for that year,” said Sen. McConchie. “For example, if a school district has a surplus of funds and doesn’t need to collect the full amount of taxes for that year, that school district can decide to reduce taxes. Under this proposal, taxpayers would clearly see which units of government are returning their hard earned money.” 

Sen. McConchie’s proposal would require every property tax bill to list the total dollar amount that would have been due if no decrease was given, the dollar amount of any “abatement” being given back to the taxpayer, and then the total reduced tax bill that is actually due.

McConchie noted that when a taxing body does not collect the full amount of property taxes it is legally able to collect, the uncollected portion is “abated” back to the taxpayer. However, under current law, a taxing district can decrease the property tax amount that is owed, but it is not required to show that reduction on a taxpayer’s bill. Currently, when taxpayers look at their tax bill, they have no idea whether a local unit of government has declined to take all the money it could. This bill would change that.

Dan McConchie

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