Subcommittee on Capital members hear testimony in Edwardsville

State Senator Dan McConchie joined his colleagues on the newly formed Senate Subcommittee on Capital in Edwardsville this week to hear testimony from colleges, universities, and local governments in the southern Illinois region on their capital and infrastructure needs.

The Subcommittee on Capital is comprised of members of the Senate’s Appropriation II and Transportation Committees and is tasked with understanding the needs around the state prior to drafting a potential capital bill.

Illinois hasn’t had a capital bill in ten years, which is concerning for state officials, transportation experts and higher education administrators, who say the state’s infrastructure has been rapidly deteriorating, causing concern for safety and economic prosperity.

In the coming weeks, the Subcommittee on Capital will continue touring the state hosting these hearings in an effort to gain better insights to the state’s infrastructure problems. Edwardsville was just the second of six scheduled hearings. The first took place in Springfield on February 21. Four other hearings have been scheduled:

March 18: Decatur
April 8: Peoria
April 16: Chicago
April 22: Elgin

Dan McConchie

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