Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie: Appeal the Noland v. Mendoza Ruling

Today Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) issued the following statement in reaction to this afternoon’s ruling in Noland v. Mendoza:

“Today’s court ruling, which essentially allows legislators to cast politically popular votes refusing pay increases and then, by judicial fiat, receive those pay increases anyway, is yet another vivid example of why Illinois citizens do not trust their state government. Illinoisians are growing increasingly weary of politicians saying that which is popular, while at the same time finding a path to benefit themselves and harm taxpayers.

“The votes of past General Assemblies to refuse pay increases were policy decisions, and not decisions into which the courts should intervene. I call upon the Attorney General and the Comptroller to immediately and vigorously pursue an appeal of this ruling, and continue to fight for a reversal until the taxpayers are vindicated.”

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