McConchie: Governor’s attempt to go above the court on masks fails

In an attempt to double down and require most schools to abide by his statewide mask mandate despite a recent court ruling that has allowed schools to make their own decision, Governor Pritzker failed to garner any support from legislators with his latest emergency rule filed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

Today, the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules met to take up the newly filed IDPH rule in which they voted 9-0-2 to suspend it. Had that rule not been suspended, larger questions would remain on the impact the recent court ruling out of Sangamon County might have had on school districts, specifically those not named in the lawsuit that have since decided to have mask wearing to be optional.

In response to the Governor’s failed attempt to force most schools to abide by his mask mandate, Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie issued the following statement:

“In his quest for power at all costs, the Governor attempted to go above the judicial system to continue to require masks in schools, a move that even his Democrat allies in the legislature wouldn’t support. Even they agree he has gone too far.

“Today, the Governor was willing to add to the confusion and chaos that has overwhelmed our schools and parents in the last several days. Fortunately for the people of Illinois, he was stopped.

“Enough is enough. Let’s start governing this state through the rightful democratic process, not under one man’s rule and ego.”


Dan McConchie

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