McConchie stunned over repeal of provisions in extreme abortion measure

State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) spoke in opposition during debate on the Senate Floor to Senate Bill 25, which would massively expand legal abortion and would put women’s health at risk in Illinois if signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

“This proposal leaves me stunned,” Sen. McConchie said during his floor remarks. “For anyone who wants abortions to be legal and safe, this bill will do exactly the opposite. It removes important tools that the government has to ensure that abortions are performed in a safe manner.”

Sen. McConchie questioned the sponsor on several aspects of SB 25 rebutting the argument that the Reproductive Health Act is needed to simply codify existing practice of how abortions are currently performed in Illinois.

To make his argument, Sen. McConchie specifically pointed to the fact that SB 25 repeals a number of provisions that currently protect women’s health including the repeal of the provision that requires a coroner to investigate when a woman dies from a botched abortion.

“What’s possibly most shocking, is the Reproductive Health Act, if enacted, would repeal the law that ensures that a doctor, who performs fake abortions, loses his license and is punished. The idea that we would repeal these provisions should scare anyone who wants abortion to be safe and free from fraudulent providers.”

The Reproductive Health Act passed with a voted of 34-20. The bill now heads to the Governor, who has indicated that he would sign it.

Dan McConchie

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