McConchie bill enhances roadway safety

Strengthens Scott’s Law, educates drivers on proper merging method

Ensuring safety on the roadways is the intent behind legislation sponsored by State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods), which passed the Senate on concurrence Thursday, May 30 and is now on its way to the Governor.

Senate Bill 2038, which would require the Secretary of State’s Office to add information to its Illinois Rules of the Road guide on the “zipper merge” method originally passed the Senate back in March but was amended in the House to include enhancements to Scott’s Law.

The newly added amendment would require the Secretary of State to include at least one question in regard to Scott’s Law on the written driving test and creates the Mover Over Task Force to study the issue of violations of Scott’s Law with attention to the causes of the violations and ways to protect law enforcement and emergency responders.

“The rapid increase just this year in those being hit or fatally killed is extremely concerning,” said Sen. McConchie. “We must properly educate drivers to slow down and move over when approaching emergency vehicles, highway maintenance, tow trucks or other vehicles and personnel on the side of the road.”

Dan McConchie

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