Senate GOP Leader Dan McConchie on the need for executive power changes

“One year ago, Gov. Pritzker issued his first executive order, granting him sole decision-making power for millions of Illinoisans.

“Over the next twelve months, the governor extended his state of emergency power by delivering executive order after executive order—a total of 76 times, shutting down our economy and making massive public health decisions without the inclusion of the legislature or the communities we represent. This go-it-alone strategy is not representative of our democracy, which is why I have introduced Senate Bill 103, requiring the General Assembly to approve any subsequent renewal of emergency powers after the initial 30-day state of emergency declaration.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated our families and businesses in Illinois. We must learn from this horrible situation and improve our governing process to allow for more seats at the decision-making table to reach better outcomes. I believe that this bill will help ensure Illinois has the most effective response possible in any future pandemic or disaster.”

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