SB 72 attacks health care workers and small businesses

“During the global pandemic, Illinois health care workers answered the call to serve their country – and all of us – in a time of crisis,” said Illinois Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods). “Right now, other states are working to protect businesses and health care workers from frivolous COVID-19 lawsuits. Here in Illinois, instead of thanking these life-saving heroes, we are instead exposing them to more liability.

“Today, the Illinois Senate Democrats voted to increase these liabilities and payouts for all personal injury lawsuits.

“Additionally, this legislation will increase costs for Illinois small business owners who are simply attempting to get people back to work in our communities. The cost increases caused by President Harmon’s bill will be passed along to consumers or force reductions in health care, retail products, services and, most importantly, Illinois jobs.

“People who are harmed by the negligence or wrongdoing of other parties deserve to be compensated, and they ought not be limited or obstructed in their search for justice. But SB 72, addresses these noble aims with punishments and regulations that will put small businesses and health care workers at risk, unfairly punish any party wishing to dispute claims against it, and drive up health care, product and insurance costs for almost everyone in Illinois.

“Our job as legislators is to come together to make Illinois a safer, fairer and more prosperous place to work and live. This legislation does none of the above. It just hurts the Illinoisans who need us the most right now.

“I strongly urge Gov. Pritzker to veto SB 72 so the legislature may bring the business, insurance and health care communities to the table to discuss a more reasonable strategy that will protect both jobs and justice in Illinois.”

Dan McConchie

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