Leader McConchie hosts 2021 Youth Advisory Council

Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods), held one of his favorite events this week. The Annual Youth Advisory Council is an opportunity for high school students in the 26th District to learn about Illinois’ government. Students also hear from a range of speakers, and bring home great advice and leadership lessons that will help them in their future endeavors said Leader McConchie.

The Youth Advisory Council is an opportunity for Leader McConchie to meet and hear from future leaders in his district. More importantly, it provides the Leader the opportunity to see the students engage in conversation about issues that are important to them.

This year’s event first focused around Senator McConchie’s upcoming press conference. He showed the students the background of a press conference as well as having the students watch a live one. After the press conference the students listened to various speakers from the district.

On a normal year the Youth Advisory Council would take place in a courtroom at the Lake County Courthouse. However, due to COVID the students met virtually. Though they couldn’t meet in person there was a stellar line up of speakers that included Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg, Judge Christen L. Bishop, McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, and Judge Daniel B. Shanes.

Drug Court is a specialty court within Lake County and this year’s event even allowed the students to see the graduation of the program participants.

Leader McConchie said he enjoyed interacting with students by giving them a glimpse into the chaos of a press conference that was being set up behind him. He thanks everyone who participated and looks forward to next year when everyone will all hopefully be back together in person.



Dan McConchie

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