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As we approach Easter, I want to take a moment to extend my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. May the holiday be filled with joy, hope, and renewal for you and your family.

Below is a quick update on our Spring legislative session in Springfield. We have about two months to go until the May 31 session deadline, and I suspect that most of this year’s controversial legislation will likely come out a little closer to the scheduled end of session. As we progress, I will do my best to keep you apprised of what’s going on.

When you hear of legislative proposals that you either support or oppose, please contact me here. As always, your voices and feedback guide my work.

I wish you all a happy and blessed Easter. 

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Dan McConchie
Illinois State Senator, 26th District

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Prisoner Review Board Decision Leads to Tragedy

The member of Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Prisoner Review Board (PRB) responsible for the early parole of a prisoner who killed 11-year-old boy, Jayden Perkins, and critically wounded the boy’s pregnant mother less than 24 hours after his release, has resigned.

Crosetti Brand is accused of stabbing a former girlfriend and killing her son as the boy attempted to defend his mother from a brutal attack. In February, while on parole, Brand sent the woman messages threatening to kill her and went to her home. This violation of his parole landed him back in the state’s custody while the PRB could consider whether he should remain in prison. 

Despite the threats, the boy’s mother seeking an order of protection, and Brand’s history of domestic abuse, the board voted to release him. On March 25th, Governor Pritzker announced that the member of the scandal-plagued board was resigning. I believe that this case is just the latest in a string of controversial decisions made by the PRB, which has released numerous convicted murderers (including cop killers) and other violent offenders on the Governor’s watch.

Pritzker has made a number of high-profile, controversial appointments to the PRB, including a convicted double murderer. While the Illinois Senate must confirm appointments to the board, the Governor had repeatedly circumvented the process by making controversial appointments and then rescinding the nominations just before the time they can serve unconfirmed expires, only to immediately reappoint them. In doing so, his nominees avoid public scrutiny and collect a paycheck serving on the board despite not being confirmed. 

Other legislators and I have repeatedly exposed the PRB’s issues, eventually creating enough public pressure for the Governor to change course and seek Senate confirmation of his appointees. Despite that progress, serious issues remain, and I am committed to ensuring additional reforms are made.  Click here to watch my video for more information.

Legislation Proposed to Ensure Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for People with Disabilities

I recently introduced legislation, Senate Bill 3323, to ease the challenges faced by people with disabilities when charging their electric vehicles (EVs) by improving the accessibility of EV charging stations, ensuring they are more accessible to all.

I facilitated the Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Station Act to help ensure all charging stations are designed to be independently usable by individuals with disabilities. This includes those who might have trouble using their hands, people with limb differences, or individuals reliant on special driving controls. Click here to watch my video for more information on SB 3323.

Illinois Has Highest Tax Burden in U.S.

A new study has named Illinois the least tax-friendly state in the nation, underscoring Senate Republican calls to address the escalating tax burden residents face. 

This title was given to Illinois by the finance website MoneyGeek in its latest analysis of how tax-friendly each state is to its residents. The report, which gave Illinois an F-grade for its tax burden, noted that taxes account for an astonishing 13% of Illinois household income. 

Unsurprisingly, high property taxes were a major factor in Illinois’ dead-last ranking. The high effective tax rate in the state is another reason for Illinois’ tax unfriendly status, with Illinois coming in as the 2nd highest in the country in this category. I have long called for much-needed tax relief for Illinois residents, and think this report underscores the need for state government to prioritize its citizens and address the financial strain on working families.

Illinois taxpayers are paying over half a billion dollars per year for Governor Pritzker’s gold standard healthcare for non-citizens.

If that doesn’t already upset you, fill out the worksheet below to compare your own healthcare plan costs to the non-citizen healthcare plan and let me know if you think that seems fair.

In the District 

Senator McConchie, colleagues, and some local teachers had the opportunity to be extras in a Christmas Movie shot downtown in Long Grove with a movie star, Mario Lopez. Mayor Jacob was also able to join on set. 

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Dan McConchie

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