Sen. McConchie’s New Legislation Ensures Accessible Parking Spaces for Condominium Residents with Disabilities

SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) is working to help ensure parking accommodations for disabled individuals residing in condo buildings across Illinois.

Senate Bill 2740, introduced by Sen. McConchie, ensures that every individual has equitable access to essential facilities within their condominium communities and requires accessible parking for disabled people to be available. Under the current law, condominium buildings are not required to keep parking spaces accessible for people with disabilities.

“Let’s face it, parking can be a headache for anyone. But for those with disabilities, it can be a real barrier to feeling at home,” said Sen. McConchie. “No individual should encounter obstacles in accessing their own home, which is why this legislation is essential”. 

According to a story from NBC Chicago 5, a local Chicago resident with a disability had to move to a new condominium and then purchase an accessible parking space from someone for $60,000 because the condominiums are not required to keep accessible parking spaces available for people with disabilities. 

In Sen. McConchie’s video describing the bill, he said, “This legislation is necessary to ensure that people with disabilities can live comfortably wherever they need to.” 

SB 2740 passed through the Judiciary committee and will be heard on the Senate Floor.

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Dan McConchie

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